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Voici l'éditorial de Esther Mor, Présidente de la WIZO mondiale pour le dernier WIZO FOREVER

Dear Friends,

I am pleased that one of my first columns as President of World WIZO will appear in your "Forever" magazine and at a time of change for our WIZO movement and your Federation.

In January, we held the 26th Enlarged General Meeting in Tel-Aviv. It was a true celebration of our WIZO work through sessions, workshops and visits by WIZO delegations to their respective WIZO projects. In its framework I was elected the World WIZO President for the next four years.

I see my role as representing WIZO and strengthening its status in national and international forums, and introducing our movement to new audiences and initiatives.

Your Federation too is changing. First I would like to thank Past President Vicky Hollander for the wonderful work she did as President of WIZO Belgium & Luxemburg, and wish her an easy absorption here in Israel after making Aliya.

I am confident that she will continue her sacred WIZO work here in Israel.

I would like to congratulate Co-Federal Presidents Nathalie Miodownik, Varda Cywie and Isabelle Steinkalik.

It is said that strength is in numbers, therefore, I am confident that you will continue the illustrious tradition of WIZO Belgium & Luxemburg, and raise it to new levels of achievement.

Changes are inevitable and should be regarded as positive.

They create new opportunities and challenges; they motivate and inspire us to do our best, or in the words of Winston Churchill:

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often".




Esther Mor

President World WIZO

January 2016


Fédération WIZO Belgique - Luxembourg

Nerviërsstraat, 20 - 22, B - 2018 Antwerpen

Tel : +3232390571

Email: wizoantwerp@skynet.be